How to get Gems with Free by using Freemyapps

Tutorial of Android

1. Go first to the games Clash of Clans, see Settings section, make sure it has Connected with Facebook. (and minimize your games)

2. Klik >>>> download

3. Once downloaded, run the application and follow the prompts until the entrance to the column “Sponsor“. There is no option given where the Games are listed right part number creditnya bonus.
Notice to the right of it, our credit beginning 0 credits.

4. The initial step in order to credit, download one of these games and play for 30 seconds of games.

5. After 30 seconds of games to play, minimize the games and return to the earlier application and refresh the application (with click the “Gift” first and then click through the “Sponsor”.

See the top right corner of your original. only 0 Credit now already increased creditnya appropriate games that you download.

7. Downlad games from the links column and Collect until 3000 credits.

8. Later that these credits we will exchange google play gift card valued $10.

How to redeem credit, just klik field Redeem Android.


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